The Diocesan Museum of Ostuni is found on the ground floor of the ancient Episcopal Hall, formerly the home of the Bishops of the ‘White City’. The museum, opened in August 2017, was designed to contain artworks originally housed in the Treasury of the Co-Cathedral Chapter, and from the Chapter Archeological Collections and art treasuries of local churches and monastries belonging to the Benedictine order (1519) and the Carmelite order (1730). In order to create an enjoyable, educational and cultural atmosphere, descriptions of the works of art in caption form have been added throughout the museum (an audio version is also available as an QR code for smarthphones). The aim is place our visitors, both adults and children, at the centre of the museum experience, awakening their thirst for culture via the museum’s innovative approach.

Teodoro De Giorgio
Art Historian and Scientific Curator of the Museum